My consulting company promktg is now on soft launch. It reads promarketing and it has a double meaning: “pro” as in professional and “pro” as “in favor of”.

The idea behind promktg is to rescue the role of the product manager (I prefer Product Marketing Manager), which, has in my opinion, suffered gradual deterioration of its perimeter of action in the past several years. I talk specifically about the Product Marketing Manager in healthcare and the Latin American pharmaceutical industry in particular. Why the pharma industry?

Well, this is the market in which I have always worked on and it’s been 30 years in the pharmaceutical marketing. As a matter of fact I always introduce myself saying: ” I was born in pharma, since my father who is now 91 years old is a pharmacist and owned a pharmacy in the city of Sorocaba, Brazil for almost half a century.

When I was a 10-year-old I used to help him behind the counter. At that tender age I sold lots of codeine-based cough drops to wackos. Some wouldn’t let me wrap it and just drank the whole bottle right there. Until I was 18 I used to give a hand at the pharmacy occasionally; in truth I did not like being a pharmacy clerk. I was shy and awkward. When wrapping the merchandise I would need miles of paper and scotch tape and despite that they would always come apart. I was too slow giving change and my father had to jump in and help.

Looking for an internship during college a friend pointed me to Dow Chemical. At the interview I found out it was for Merrel Dow, the pharmaceutical arm of Dow Chemical. Coincidence. I told myself I would stick around for 6 months, finish the internship and move on and do something else. The rest is history, I never left the company and went through 3 mergers, was expatriated to 3 different countries, managed dozens of products, some huge successes, some amazing flops. I learned a lot from several bosses, unlearned from some, barely stood others. I had the luck to always count with incredibly competent and motivated teams – and lived many successful marketing cases , both as protagonist and witness. This strengthened my conviction in the transforming power of the Product Marketing Manager role.

After exiting the corporate world I found out what gave the most satisfaction was to develop professionals. I was happy when I met people who had worked with me and heard: “I learned so much from you”. Some of them had even kept sketches I had made in paper. I felt accomplished to realize how much they had evolved.

I had an insight: one launches a product and one day they may come to an end. One develops great marketing professionals and they remain and build other great products.

I then decided that’s what I wanted to do in life: form and develop marketing professionals, and that is where promktg comes from.

In this blog I will tell a little about my experience, talk about products, give opinions, comment on product marketing management topics.


See you next time.